Why Are So Many People Talking About DidikTV And Respecting Teachers? We Explain

A viral video is behind it

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Why Are So Many People Talking About DidikTV And Respecting Teachers? We Explain

DidikTV is an initiative by the Education Ministry

If you've been on social media lately, you'd have seen a lot of people defending teachers and speaking about how they have had to do work that's not in their job description, nor what they were trained for. 

In case you missed what started the conversation, here's a video that was widely shared on social media including by radio channel BFM. 
The video portrays a teacher teaching the reproduction system aimed at Standard Two children. 

It was met with harsh criticism from netizens, with many questioning her mannerism, proficiency of English and also the content.

What is DidikTV?

DidikTV is an initiative by the Education Ministry to help students without adequate amenities for online learning to receive lessons. 

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin launched the channel on 17 February and there's a set slot for different subjects and levels. 

DidikTV operates from 7am to 12am daily and can be watched online via Tonton, on MYTV channel 107, Astro channel 147 and Unifi TV channel 107. 

The criticism 

When the video we shared above was first uploaded to social media, many were quick to make fun of the teacher and the production quality, as well as critise the content shared by the teacher. 

While some were downright mean, there were others who rightly pointed out that using the wrong terms, such as 'infant' instead of 'fetus' when speaking about a fetus growing in the womb, is hardly acceptable. 

There were also those who questioned if it was correct to teach children that only married people can make babies when that is not true. 


The defence

Fast forward a few hours and people started to question why people chose to share that particular clip from DidikTV when there were others with better quality. 

Others have also defended the teacher, who is believed to be a volunteer and has no experience in front of the camera. 

A teacher wrote a lengthy post on her Facebook, claiming that the teachers were volunteers who had to prepare their own scripts and plan the entire lesson on their own. 
Despite many coming to the defence of the teacher as well as DidikTV in general, there are others who stuck by their views saying that the channel has to do better. 

Is it all that bad?

After going through all the comments and arguments, we decided to check out NTV7's YouTube page to see if we can find videos by other educators. 

Here are some that we found:


There seem to be different approaches that are used in the videos, with one being more sort of classroom recording and another that is more interactive. 

What do you guys think? Does DidikTV and the Education Ministry deserve the criticism it received?

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