The Curious Case Of An Indonesian Woman Who Claims She Got Knocked Up By A Gust Of Wind

Strange case, this one.

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The Curious Case Of An Indonesian Woman Who Claims She Got Knocked Up By A Gust Of Wind

Probably the most unbelievable news you'll read all week.

The world is a strange and beautiful place, so occassionally, we'll hear about some weird, unbelievable occurences.

This one, ladies and gents, is as weird as it comes.

A strange case indeed

A woman from the Indonesian district of Cianjur in West Java recently became the talk of her town when she claimed that she was impregnated by a gust of wind.

The case is so bizarre, the police have reportedly started investigating her claims.

The poor woman.
It all started one lazy Wednesday afternoon when the woman, who goes by the name of Siti Zainah, was performing her prayers in the living room of her own house, Indonesian website Tribunews reported. 

As the 25-year-old woman was lying face down on the floor after the prayers, that was when it happened.

“After afternoon prayers, I was lying face down on the floor when I suddenly felt wind enter my body through my vagina,” she told a local news outlet.

Fifteen minutes later, Siti started experiencing pains in her stomach and miraculously started growing a baby bump.

The proud mom and her baby girl.
Before she knew what was happening, she was in a community clinic nearby, holding a baby girl in her arms.

All this reportedly happened in a span of an hour!

“After checks, the mother and baby are healthy and the birth was normal. The baby’s gender is female and weighs 2.9 kilograms,” said the head of the community clinic Eman Suleiman.

Did the wind really knock her up?

Siti Zainah's weird case spread like like wildfire (all these makcik bawang, right?), drawing ridicule from many.

Unfortunately for her, it also drew the attention of the authorities.

According to news reports, the police investigating the case have taken into account all the possibilities, including her marriage to her ex-husband, whom she seperated with a couple of months prior.

“We want to clear up the confusing news about the woman’s birth which many perceive to be unnatural. We want to avoid this incident from creating rumours among the public,” the sub-precinct chief Sumardi told the news portal.

Now, this is what you call a quickie.
So, is there a scientific reason for Siti's surprise pregnancy? Well, there is, according to Eman.

Eman told the website that Siti might have experienced a cryptic pregnancy, a medical phenomenon where a would-be mother isn't aware that she's pregnant until the moment she enters labour.

(Local actress Eira Syazira once experienced a cryptic pregnancy as she did not know she was with a child until the seventh month of her pregnancy)

On top of that, Siti, who already had one child, had just seperated from her ex-husband just four months prior, making it the most probable explanation for her pregnancy.

However, not everyone accepted the explanation though, as there were those who suggested that Siti was using the story to hide the fact that she got pregnant out of wedlock.

Whatever the case may be, congratulations on your new bundle of joy, Siti Zainah! 

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