Own A Noisy, Modified Vehicle? You Could End Up In Jail Or Fined RM2k, Says Cop

Get an approval first!

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Own A Noisy, Modified Vehicle? You Could End Up In Jail Or Fined RM2k, Says Cop
Do you have a modified bike or car with extra attention-grabbing sounds? 

You may think it looks or sounds cool but the cops have got some news for you.

According to a report by Sinar Harian, the owner of modified vehicles, including those with loud exhausts, could be fined RM2,000 or jailed for not more than six months for the offence.

You could be fined or jailed.

Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) director Datuk Azisman Alias said that under Rule 103 of the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Rules 1959, exhausts including silencers must be maintained and be in good condition. 

This means that vehicle exhausts also cannot be modified to cause loud sounds.

"Anyone who performs such modifications is guilty of an offence and if convicted can be fined not exceeding RM2,000 or face imprisonment of not more than six months," he told the daily.

Cops have the power to seize

Azisman also explained that under Section 64 of the Road Transport Act 1987, the police had the authority to seize the modified vehicle.

Commenting specifically on motorbike modifications, Azisman said that was a growing issue especially among younger motorists. 

Modifications are usually done to increase the speed of the bike and "enhance" its appearance.

Get an approval first.

"Officials from JSPT are constantly having joint operations (pertaining to this issue) with other agencies including with the Department of Environment (DOE).

He said that vehicles found to have been modified could be compounded by the DOE as well.

"Vehicle modifications should only be done after getting an approval from JPJ first," he explained.

So people, you have been warned. 

Don't end up in jail or be fined because you insist on illegally modifying your cars or bikes.

This ain't 'Fast & Furious', guys. 

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