Student Sleeps Off While Studying, Wakes Up With Imprint Of Lizard On Face

He slept on that poor lizard!

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Student Sleeps Off While Studying, Wakes Up With Imprint Of Lizard On Face

Must. Stop. Laughing!

You guys, this a tragic tale about a sleepy Taiwanese student and a poor house lizard.

What are we rambling on about? 

Just look at this picture first, OK. 

The imprint.
Does that imprint remind you of anything?

Here's a second photo.

Poor lizard.
Have you stopped laughing? We laughed out loud too, but we also pity that poor boy and the lizard.

The tragic story

According to Mashable SEA, a tweet with the two photos by @menlin_fitri went viral with many netizens amused by the whole incident. 

The poor kid (who is pretty traumatised by now, we're sure) reportedly fell asleep while doing his homework, and he unknowingly squashed a house lizard while doing so.

Now, we do not know whether the lizard was already dead on his notebook or if his face just slammed on the lizard while it was minding its own business and walking past, but judging by the dazed look the boy had on his face, we have a feeling he has no idea too.

"It's fine if you dozed off, but you didn't even feel the lizard, did you?" the tweet read.

A number of Malaysians also replied to the tweet with many feeling amused, laughing at the whole scenario or feeling plain disgusted because they just cannot tahan cicaks!

What would you do if this happened to you?

From now on, please check your surroundings before you fall asleep on your desk, OK? 

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