Bringing The Heat: The Scorching Hot Weather Is Expected To Last For A Few More Weeks

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Bringing The Heat: The Scorching Hot Weather Is Expected To Last For A Few More Weeks

Walau, can don't want so hot or not?

We can't be the only one that's affected by the crazy hot weather these days, right? 

If you can't wait for the heat to end, we have some bad news for you: you have to wait a while longer.

A normal phenomenon

The scorching weather we're experiencing right now is here to stay for at least a couple more weeks, the Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) has revealed.

Its director-general, Jailan Simon, told The Star Online that the department has predicted warmer weather and lesser rainfall for the coming weeks.

The unbearable heat is a normal phenomenon that takes place between February and April annually, Jailan said, as it typically follows the yearly monsoon season, which caused floods in several parts of the country in January.

As such, we are now in the last phase of the northeast monsoon season.

The good news is, Jailan said, MetMalaysia is not predicting extreme hot weather throughout the year.

“But low rainfall over a long period of time may cause warm weather, particularly during nights due to cloud cover,” he was quoted as saying.

Also, Jailan revealed that the highest temperature this month is 36.2°C, which was lower than the reading of 37.4°C recorded last year.

Certainly doesn't feel like it lor.

According to Jailan, we only have to bear with the insane heat till middle of March, and the weather will "gradually cool down beginning mid-April".

Hang in there, fellow Malaysians! Remember to stay hydrated, yeah? 

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