How Hot Is The Weather In Malaysia Currently? 10 Areas In The Country Recorded Yellow-Level Heatwave


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How Hot Is The Weather In Malaysia Currently? 10 Areas In The Country Recorded Yellow-Level Heatwave

Take cover!

Unless you've been living under a cool, huge rock (please invite us!), you'd noticed by now that the weather in the country is really unbearable:

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) has revealed that the the heatwave is normal, and this scorching hot weather will last for a couple more weeks.

If you've been wondering just how hot the weather is currently, well, here's your answer.

It's really hot outside!

MetMalaysia has revealed that the current weather is so hot, a total of ten areas in Peninsular Malaysia recorded a yellow-level heatwave.

In a statement quoted by Malay Mail, MetMalaysia said that the ten areas recorded a maximum temperature of between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius as of Sunday (28 February).

Yup, there's the reason why your ketiak has been extra basah these days.

Drink more water, you guys!
The ten areas that have been identified as yellow-level heatwave zones are:
  • Kuala Kangsar (Perak)
  • Kinta (Perak)
  • Batang Padang (Perak)
  • Hilir Perak (Perak)
  • Jeli (Kelantan)
  • Kuala Krai (Kelantan)
  • Gua Musang (Kelantan)
  • Tampin (Negeri Sembilan)
  • Tangkak (Johor)
  • Kluang (Johor)
Strangely, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are not listed as yellow-level heatwave areas, because we swear that the weather has been exceptionally hot these days, don't you guys think so?

According to MetMalaysia, our brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak are enjoying slightly less hot weather during this period of time, as they recorded maximum daily temperatures below of 35 degrees Celsius.

Jailan Simon, the director of MetMalaysia, had earlier said that the unbearable heat is a normal phenomenon that takes place between February and April annually, as it typically follows the yearly monsoon season.

And the good news is, we are in the last phase of the northeast monsoon season, and the Department is not predicting extreme hot weather throughout the year.

Heatwave categorisation

In case you're wondering how the heatwave levels are categorised and declared, here's a brief explanation:
  • Yellow level (Level 1) alert: between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius for three days in a row
  • Orange level (Level 2) alert: between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius for three days in a row
  • Red level (Level 3) alert: temperatures above 40 degrees Celcius for three days in a row

Let's pray that the temperature stays at Yellow level, because we can't imagine the weather getting any hotter.

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