Saudi Arabia Only Allows Those Who Have Been Vaccinated To Perform The Haj This Year

More reason to get vaccinated.

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Saudi Arabia Only Allows Those Who Have Been Vaccinated To Perform The Haj This Year

Get vaccinated first before you head over, yeah?

As more and more countries around the world have rolled out their COVID-19 vaccination, it is now become a must to get yourself vaccinated.

In fact, some countries have made it a rule that vaccination is a must if you want to visit their country.

No vaccine, no entry

One such country is Saudi Arabia, who has ruled that only those who have received their COVID-19 vaccinations can be allowed to perform haj this year.

Reuters reported that the ruling was made official by Saudi Arabia's health ministry via a circular signed by its Health Minister on Monday (1 March).

"The COVID-19 vaccine is mandatory for those willing to come to the haj and will be one of the main conditions (for receiving a permit to come)," said a press statement quoted by Saudi newspaper Okaz.

Stricter rules this year.
Pre COVID-19, the annual haj pilgrimage attracts more than two million people around the world.

But last year, when the pandemic took over the world, Saudi Arabia helped prevent the spread of the virus by drastically limiting the number of pilgrims to around 1,000.

So, if you want to make a trip to perform your haj this year, better get yourself vaccinated first. 

How to register via MySejahtera

If you've yet to register yourself (why not?!), you can do so now on the MySejahtera app.

Here's how you can do it:

Click on COVID-19 Vaccination

Go to the app's home screen and you'll see a 'COVID-19 Vaccination' button. Click on the button.

You will then be led to this screen, where you'll see a 'Vaccine for <your full name>' button.

Click on the button.

You will be led to this page with your full name

The app will then ask you to verify your personal details:

Confirm your details: Name, IC/Passport and Phone Number

Click "Next" here

Once you submit your information, you will be led to this 'celebaratory' page (we have no idea what that means).

But to really make sure that you've successfully enroled, click on the 'Next' button at the bottom of your screen.

"CLICK HERE" will lead you to a form

Click on the 'CLICK HERE' link and you'll then be forwarded to a questionnaire.

Please remember to answer the questions truthfully, because this is literally a matter of life and death.

Answer the questions

There will be additional questions for the first two questions if you pick "no" for the first question and "yes" for the second one. 

If you feel the need to tell the gov why you're not interested

This would probably place you in phase two

That's it!

You can also get more information on the vaccine and other related information by clicking on the links provided.

There's also a consent form that you will have to sign, but perhaps only when you are going to get it. 

 Let's register, get vaccinated and put this pandemic behind us! 

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