Banking On Desperation: Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Syndicates Busted In China And South Africa

Don't buy vaccines sold online.

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Banking On Desperation: Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Syndicates Busted In China And South Africa
When we first heard of how every country in the world was scrambling to get COVID-19 vaccines, we kinda knew that this would be coming. 

When supply doesn't meet demand, fake goods are born. 

According to a report by BBC, police in China and South Africa recently seized thousands of fake COVID-19 vaccine doses recently. 

A total of 80 people were arrested during the operation in China where officials also seized 3,000 "doses".

In South Africa, three Chinese nationals and one from Zambia were detained at a warehouse in Gauteng there. 

Officials also seized 2,400 "doses".

Boxes of "vaccines" in Gauteng.

Fake vaccines a major issue says Interpol

According to the report, the International Criminal Police Organization or Interpol also said that they were receiving a lot of information on fake vaccine syndicates.

We hope and pray that this means more arrests and seizures will be made soon.

"Any vaccine being advertised on websites or the dark web, will not be legitimate, will not have been tested and may be dangerous," warned Interpol.

Last month, authorities in China also arrested the leader of a syndicate that used a combination of saline solution and mineral water to pass off as COVID-19 vaccines. 

Fake vaccines on the rise.

The man, known as Kong, was arrested with another 70 people. 

To dupe victims, the syndicate even did their research and packaged about 58,000 doses to look very similar to actual COVID-19 vaccines. 

According to the authorities, the syndicate made 18mil yuan ( ) by selling these fake vaccines.  

So guys, the moral of the story is, DON'T BUY VACCINES ONLINE. 

You really have no way to know if its authentic and if it isn't, you could end up harming yourself, harming a loved-one or even ending up dead.

If you really really want to get vaccinated, simple. 

Just register with MySejahtera and wait for your turn.

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