Romanian Model Asked To Resign From Unpaid Hospital Role For Being ‘Too Pretty’

This is not fair at all.

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Romanian Model Asked To Resign From Unpaid Hospital Role For Being ‘Too Pretty’

Don't let haters ruin your glow, girl!

We've heard stories about people losing their jobs because they're not attractive enough:

But have you heard stories about people losing their jobs because they're too attractive?

Well, this Romanian woman is Exhibit A!

Too pretty for the job?

Unfairly sacked.
This happened to a former Romanian model, who also happens to be the winner of several beauty contests.

According to Transylvania Today, Claudia Ardelean was ordered to resign from an unpaid role at a hospital simply because she was too pretty.

The 27-year-old was appointed to the position on the board of the Pneumophthisiology Clinical Hospital in Cluj, Romania.

Ardelean, who has a double degree in law and European ethics, took to her social media page to express her gratefulness over the role.

That was when social media showed its ugly side, with many netizens criticising her as they felt that she only got the role because of her looks.

True definition of girl boss.
Ardelean was forced to delete her post, but that didn't stop the nightmare: the Cluj City Council then reportedly demanded that Ardelean resign immediately.

She was disappointed, of course, but she felt that how a person looks should not influence their qualifications.

“Some people’s reactions have been superficial. According to my CV, I have the necessary skills and education to justify my appointment to that position.

“By profession, I am a lawyer at a notary office, a double degree holder and a person who is in continuous professional training. I’m even an entrepreneur as I have my own hostess agency and event management company.

“Unfortunately, in Romania, there are still these prejudices. But I believe that beauty should not influence or hinder the professional career of people,” she told Business Magazine in an interview.

Not letting anyone stop her.
When asked about the decision, Cluj council president Alin Tise told the news portal that Ardelean had to be forced out of her job to avoid any “suspicion” or bad press regarding her appointment.

“I deeply regret the incident. I requested the resignation of Claudia Ardelean. Even though she was an unpaid member of the board,” he was quoted as saying.

We hope that Claudia Ardelean will not be too affected by this, and we have a feeling she's going to bounce back stronger because #GirlPower!

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