Minister: Government Is Discussing Possibility Of Allowing Interstate Travels

Yay or nay?

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Minister: Government Is Discussing Possibility Of Allowing Interstate Travels

We have mixed feelings about this.

With most of the states in Malaysia transitioning into conditional movement control order (CMCO) beginning today, the government is looking at ways to ensure that the current list of SOPs remain revelant.

If you're longing for a quick staycation in another different state (who isn't, right?), there might be some good news coming your way.

Many issues to resolve first

The government is reportedly looking into allowing interstate travel, but with a few conditions, The Star Online reported.

During his daily press briefing on Thursday (4 March), Senior Minister Daturk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that the possibility of opening up interstate travel is being discussed by the government.

However, he admitted that before any decisions on that can be made, there are many issues to resolved first.

For instance, among the main concerns are the designation of COVID-19 zones and how disciplined Malaysians are when they are allowed to travel between states.

Allow or not to allow? That is the question.
"For example, travelling from green state to green state such as Pahang to Terengganu – both are under recovery MCO, so this may be allowed.

"But problems can also arise, taking travel from Putrajaya to Melaka as an example. Both are under recovery MCO, but one will have to travel through Negri Sembilan, which is under conditional MCO.

"Some may say just don't stop in Negri, but who will monitor this?" he was quoted as saying.

As such, Ismail Sabri said that the authorities would need to study the issue carefully before a decision can be made.

This comes as Malaysia is noticing a downward trend in daily COVID-19 cases recently: Malaysia recorded 2,063 cases on Thursday (4 March), the eighth day in a row that we recorded less than 3,000 daily cases.

Whatever the decision may be, let's just continue to do our part and stay safe. Cuti-cuti Malaysia can wait a bit longer, right?

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