Authorities Send 8 Tonnes Of Smuggled Frozen Chicken To Feed The Animals At Zoo Negara

BBQ chicken time!

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Authorities Send 8 Tonnes Of Smuggled Frozen Chicken To Feed The Animals At Zoo Negara
New Straits Times

Yum yum in their tum tums!

The past few months, Zoo Negara has been calling for donations from the public to help feed their hungry animals.

That prompted caring Malaysians to donate, and some, like superhuman Ebit Lew, even took matters into their own hands:

And now, the authorities just came through in the most awesome way possible.

A big feast for the animals

The Malaysian quarantine and inspection services department has just recently donated eight tonnes of contraband frozen chicken to Zoo Negara to be used as food supply for the animals.

Its director-general Saiful Yazam Alwi told Free Malaysia Today that the contraband frozen chicken was seized at the Thai border, and instead of letting them go to waste, they've decided to make our animal friends happy.

Fresh meat, yay!
Saiful said that the meat, which was seized by various enforcement agencies between December and January, had been brought into Malaysia through ungazetted roads without proper documents.

The meat supply is believed to be worth RM66,088, Saiful added.

Saiful also assured Malaysians that the frozen chicken was still fresh and safe to be fed to the animals.

Thinking about food, Mr Lion?
According to Saiful, imports of frozen chicken without proper documentation is an offence.

Last year alone, the authorities recorded 53 cases of frozen chicken meat smuggling involving a total of 176.7 tonnes of meat with a market value of RM1.4 million.

We hope that the authorities will continue to channel these contraband frozen chicken meat to Zoo Negara so that our animal friends will not have to starve anymore.

​Well done, you guys!

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