If You've Been Using The FS Turmeric Face Cream, You Need To Stop Using It Immediately

Beware the danger.

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If You've Been Using The FS Turmeric Face Cream, You Need To Stop Using It Immediately
We know sometimes you can't live without your face creams, because of their many benefits to your skin.

But sometimes, face cream can do more harm than good.

Stop using this product immediately

A cosmetic product used to treat pimples and acne scars have been found to contain poison, the Health Ministry has found.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah told New Straits Times that the FS Turmeric Cream has been found to contain schedule poisons, mercury and betamethasone 17-valerate.

These properties are harmful to health, and thus, Dr Noor Hisham said that the Pharmaceutical Services director of the Health Ministry (MOH) has cancelled the notification of the product and it is now no longer allowed to be sold in the country.

"Mercury is prohibited in cosmetic products because it is harmful to health. When absorbed into the body, mercury can cause damage to the kidney and nervous system.

"The substance can also affect the development of the brain in infants as well as causing rashes, irritation and changes to the skin. In this regard, the people are advised not to use the cosmetic product," he was quoted as saying.

Got to stop using this immediately, guys!
On top of that, Dr Noor Hisham said that the product also contained betamethasone 17-valerate, and side effects of the ingredient include thinning of the skin and irritation.

The authorities have advised distributors and retailers to remove the product from their shelves immediately.

So, go through your make up cabinet and see if you have one of these face creams lying around, and if you do, just throw it into the ocean, OK?

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