Not Your Usual Local Drama: Viewers Love 'Project Anchor SPM's Relatable Storyline

All the school feels

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Not Your Usual Local Drama: Viewers Love 'Project Anchor SPM's Relatable Storyline
Exam pressures, issues with parents, friendship drama, mad teachers and everything sekolah menengah.

No wonder so many Malaysians can relate to 'Projek: Anchor SPM'.

Even with just two episodes out so far, viewers have been gushing online about how the show is giving them all the feels.

More than just about exams

If you've not watched any of the episodes yet, jangan risau, you can catch up on Astro GO or On Demand.

Set at a fictitious boarding school called Tengku Isa Anuar School (STIA) located in Cameron Highlands, the story revolves around the students there who come up with a grand plan to cheat their way through their SPM examinations. 

It all starts when popular student and captain of the rugby team Aizat (Aedy Ashraf) lands in trouble and is eventually given an ultimatum by his headmaster Awang (Adlin Aman Ramlie) to either score 8 As in his SPM or be expelled. 

Aizat then comes up with a clever plan and convinces the school brainiac Aaidaa (Daiyan Trisha) to not only help him but help the whole batch cheat their way to top scores for the exams.

The series also stars actors Sasha AbedulNadhir Nasar (Champion of Hero Remaja 2020) Chubb-E (Winner of Most Popular New Artist at the 33rd Anugerah Bintang Popular BH) and many more.

You can catch the eight-episode series every Monday at 9pm om Astro Citra, or stream 'Projek: Anchor SPM' on Astro GO or On Demand.

You can also follow Astro Shaw’s social media pages for more updates. 

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