Thai Burglar Takes A Nap In The House He Was Robbing, Finds Out Later The Owner Is A Cop

Face-palm moment.

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Thai Burglar Takes A Nap In The House He Was Robbing, Finds Out Later The Owner Is A Cop

How bad can you fail?

Don't you just hate it when a person, who has one simple job, still managed to find a way to eff it up? 

Just like this Thai burglar, for example.

The world's worst burglar?

'Just need a nap, please don't disturb'
A 22-year-old man from Thailand was arrested after he somehow fell asleep in the house he was robbing.

According to a report by The Thaiger, the owner of the house woke up to find the man sound asleep in his daughter's room.

To make matters worse for the poor soul, the homeowner is a police officer.

The man had allegedly broken into the house located in the central province of Phetchabun at around 2am.

We don't know why, -- maybe because the act of breaking in was a very tiring process? -- but the man felt sleepy and decided to turn on the air conditioner and make himself at home.

'Huh? What happened?'
The police officer, who was reportedly sleeping in the next room, woke up in the morning to discover the air conditioner in her daughter's room was turned on.

As his daughter was not at home at the time, the man peeked inside the room to see the burglar nicely tucked in, with the blanket wrapped around his body, sound asleep.

According to the report, the police officer yelled at the man, and the dazed robber reportedly woke up looking extremely confused and drowsy.

The man was promptly arrested and he is now reportedly facing trespassing and burglary charges. 

It's just amazing how he failed so spectacularly. That should teach him a lesson.

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