Thai Man Orders iPhone 7 Online, Receives An iPhone-Shaped Desk Instead

What a disappointment.

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Thai Man Orders iPhone 7 Online, Receives An iPhone-Shaped Desk Instead
Oriental Daily

Not what he ordered, but it's OK.

Aren’t we all too familiar with the unfortunate incident of ordering something we like online, only to receive something completely different?

A man in Thailand recently became a victim of this modern-day problem.

Read before you buy

Not what he was expecting.
According to a report by Oriental Daily, the lad ordered an iPhone 7 through e-commerce site Lazada in the hopes that he would have a brand-new phone to toy with.

However, he suspected something was amiss when he found that the shipping cost for such a small item was on the expensive side.

Despite his gut feeling, he proceeded to place his order.

It was only when he received his ‘iPhone 7’ that the pricey shipping cost made sense: instead of a brand new smartphone, he received an iPhone-shaped work desk instead!

​Apparently, the man did not bother going through the fine print before placing the order, which clearly stated the size of the item.

It does look pretty cool, though.
Despite that, we have to say, the iPhone-shaped desk looks pretty cool.

According to The Indian Express, the work desk is the brainchild of South Korean brand Ten by Ten.

The iPhone desk looks exactly like the real thing, from the screen to the 'Home' button on the front. The desk even has a drawer that you can pull out to store stuff.

The desk, which comes in three colours like the real iPhone, retails for around KRW 310,000 (RM1,139), and you can actually purchase one from their official website.

Just like the real thing.
An adult can actually use the desk.
It does look pretty cool, no?
So, the moral of the story: next time, please read through the description properly before ordering anything online!

You might just end up with a pretty cool-looking work desk.

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