Superman, AKA Ebit Lew, Is Looking To Open A Soup Kitchen In South Africa

God bless his soul.

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Superman, AKA Ebit Lew, Is Looking To Open A Soup Kitchen In South Africa
Facebook/Ebit Lew

Flying in to save the day.

When you're in dire need of help, just call his name and he'll be there.

Local celebrity preacher Ebit Lew is no stranger in the community, as his generousity and kind deeds have endeared him to many.

Now, he's bringing his love to those who need it in another country.

Generous act

Doing it for a cause.
Malay Mail
 reported that the 36-year-old preacher will be starting a soup kitchen in South Africa soon.

On Tuesday (30 March), Lew shared that he found the children in South Africa are always hungry, and he proceeded to cook chicken beriyani for 200 people.

“The locals danced to greet and thanked us,” he wrote.

After feeding the locals, Lew wrote that he would be renting a cabin to provide free food for the children. 

To further help them out, Lew also distributed some cash to the needy.

Lew, who's now in South Africa since 21 March for a humanitarian mission,  has made quite an impact while he was there.

Last Friday (26 March), Lew and his team helped 16 Zulu families rebuild their homes that had been gutted in a fire.

According to Lew, the families were stunned when he told them that he would help them rebuild their homes.

Good luck, Ebit Lew.

Thanks for always finding time to help those in need.

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