Report: North Korea May Have Cut Ties With M'sia But Their Agents And Workers Are Still Here

Time to go home please.

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Report: North Korea May Have Cut Ties With M'sia But Their Agents And Workers Are Still Here

Remember how North Korea cut ties with us recently?


It seems like the "ties" have not been fully severed. 

According to a report by Daily NK, the North Koreans have yet to recall their workers and secret agents from Malaysia.

The report claimed that hundreds of employees working with the ruling Central Committee and agents with the Munitions Industry Department (MID) were still in Malaysia.

Daily NK also alleged that the "first group smuggles luxury goods into North Korea while the MID is involved with arms smuggling".

Work is getting more difficult

The report said that the secret agents and trade workers have been complaining that their work had become increasingly challenging because the North Korean embassy is closed now.


This group have allegedly been using Malaysia as a transit point for selling illegal weapons and luxury goods to the Middle East and Africa for years now. 

So much to process right? It doesn't end there though. 

Agents losing confidence in North Korea's "protection"

Apparently, these agents are also concerned about Malaysia's recent decision to extradite North Korean businessman Mun Chol Myong to the United States. 

If you didn't know, Mun's extradition was the reason why North Korea decided to cut ties with Malaysia.

The Malaysian court decided to extradite Mun Chol Myong (left) recently.

Mun, is said to be a trader linked with the Reconnaissance General Bureau, something that Mun and North Korea have denied. 

North Korea later claimed that Mun had been wrongly accused and that Malaysia was basically kowtowing to the United States by allowing for him to be extradited. 

Anyway, following this decision, the agents and employees are now afraid that North Korea can no longer protect them and they may end up with a similar fate.

Sounds like a lot of dodgy dealings are taking place. 

We hope the authorities can get to the bottom of this ASAP.

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