PDRM To Call In Neelofa, Husband For Questioning, Will Be Fined If Found Guilty Of Breaking SOPs

No double standards.

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PDRM To Call In Neelofa, Husband For Questioning, Will Be Fined If Found Guilty Of Breaking SOPs

She's got a lot of explaining to do.

It was supposed to be a blissful week for newlyweds Neelofa and PU Riz, real name Haris Ismail.

Instead, it has turned into a major drama after their wedding came under investigation for alleged breach of SOP and her business trip to Langkawi was scrutinised online.

Well, it looks like the drama is far from over.

Having fun, are we?

Not a very sweet honeymoon for the couple.
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador has warned that a compound will be issued to the celebrity couple if it is found that their Langkawi trip has violated the movement control order (MCO) SOPs.

Abdul Hamid told The Star Online that permission to travel interstate was given to the couple only for work purposes.

However, photos and videos showing Neelofa and PU Riz having a holiday trip have been circulating on social media, and Abdul Hamid has vowed to take action.

“If she fails to provide evidence, we will issue a compound against her. We will investigate whether it is part of her business visit.

“(Based on the photos), it looks like they were doing leisure activities, which is not allowed because she comes from the state that is placed under CMCO (the Conditional MCO),” he was quoted as saying.

This doesn't look like work though.
Abdul Hamid added that the police will call in Neelofa and her husband to give their statements soon.

"They will have to answer. But the pictures look free and easy ... which is not allowed," he was further quoted as saying.

The 32-year-old celebrity-turned-entrepeneur has earlier clarified that she's in Langkawi not for honeymoon, but for business purposes with Chatime.

It looks like it's going to be a long week for Neelofa and PU Riz.

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