If You Have A Facebook Account, Your Data May Have Been Leaked. Here's How You Can Check

Data was sold for a pittance on hackers forum

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If You Have A Facebook Account, Your Data May Have Been Leaked. Here's How You Can Check
By now, we all know that sharing data on sites like Facebook, Instagram (which is also owned by Facebook Inc) and other sites is us basically sharing it with the whole world. 

We have been hearing about data breach of such sites for a long time now, so much so that some of us are unfazed by it.

But the latest news on a massive Facebook data leak should worry you because not only your email address is involved this time. 

Affecting millions worldwide

Cybersecurity company Hudson Rock's co-founder Alon Gal tweeted about the data breach a few months ago, warning people that the data is being sold for a very low price but he updated the thread on 3 April claiming that someone has released it for free. 

The database leak of 533,313,128 Facebook users worldwide also includes 11,675,894 Malaysian accounts

Interestingly, Malaysia has some of the highest number of hacked accounts in the world. 

"Details include: Phone number, Facebook ID, Full name, Location, Past Location, Birthdate, (Sometimes) Email Address, Account Creation Date, Relationship Status, Bio.

"Bad actors will certainly use the information for social engineering, scamming, hacking and marketing," Gal Tweeted. 

How to check if your data has been leaked?

Following Gal's Tweets, Microsoft Regional Director and creater of "Have I Been Pwned" website has spoken about how you can use the site to check if your email address has been in a data breach, including the Facebook one.

However, Hunt has said that email breach, in this case, was very scarce. The number is only at about 2.5 million, which is only about 0.5 per cent of the more than half a billion account information leaked. 

Phone numbers and other details were more readily available. 
Considering that a lot of verifications, including from banks use phone numbers, it is quite scary to know that our numbers are available to any Tom, Dick and Harry. 

While some have brushed this off, saying that this is similar to old school phone book, phones weren't quite as smart back then so you might want to be careful of any messages you receive on your phones regardless. 

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