Thinking Of Pulling A 'Neelofa'? Cops: Zero Leniency For Those Caught Trying To Sneak Across Borders

If you're not supposed to cross state borders, don't do it.

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Thinking Of Pulling A 'Neelofa'? Cops: Zero Leniency For Those Caught Trying To Sneak Across Borders
If influencers, politicians and celebrities can do it, so can I, right? 


Following all the commotion over a number of prominent personalities "bending the rules" to cross state borders, the cops have issued a warning towards those attempting to do the same.

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According to a report by Free Malaysia Today, Bukit Aman crime prevention and community safety department (JPJKK) director Zainal Abidin Kasim said that there will be no leniency when dealing with those found attempting to cross state borders without permission. 

Summonses will be issued instantly to them.

More people expected to travel

Only those with permits allowed to cross.

The authorities believe that the number of people attempting to travel across states will increase especially since the beginning of the fasting month is approaching. 

“I foresee the roads and highways being busy this weekend as many will be travelling to celebrate Ramadan in their hometowns since they could not do so last year due to the movement control order.

“They will try all possible means to travel interstate so if they are caught this time no more advice will be given … the police will take action straight away,” he said when speaking to reporters. 

Jainal Abidin added that more stringent checks would be conducted at border roadblocks. Only those authorised to travel interstate would be allowed to do so.

So, guys, unless you want to bid adieu to a mound of cash, don’t break the law lah

If you apply for a travel permit and are rejected, accept the decision and stay at home.

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