Mark Zuckerberg, Whose Company Owns WhatsApp, Allegedly Uses Signal

The irony!

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Mark Zuckerberg, Whose Company Owns WhatsApp, Allegedly Uses Signal


Remember the controversy around WhatsApp's new privacy policy, which made many people uncomfortable, even to the point of suing the company?

If you don't, you can read all about it here: You Need To Agree To WhatsApp's Updated Privacy Policy By 15 May Or Lose Your Access To The App

So, when the whole hoo-ha was going on, many people abandoned WhatsApp for similar apps such as Telegram and Signal, which guarantees better privacy. 

It was reported that WhatsApp actually lost millions of users after the incident. 

One of those users may just be Facebook Inc's Mark Zuckerberg. 

Zuckerberg's phone number found to be a Signal user

In 2019, there was a massive data leak involving 553 million Facebook users where personal information, including users' phone numbers were leaked. 

Just a few days ago, it was revealed that the data was shared, practically for free, on a hacker forum, making it free-for-all information.

Among the list of users whose data was leaked was Zuckerberg himself, according to several tech guys. 

Read more about the data leak here: If You Have A Facebook Account, Your Data May Have Been Leaked. Here's How You Can Check 

Cybersecurity researcher Dave Walker was among the tech guys who took a look at the leaked data and found that Zuckerberg was one of the "victims" of the data theft. 
Walker also revealed that the mobile number "associated with" Zuckerberg's Facebook account is a Signal user. 
While the "revelation" is pretty interesting to note, this doesn't automatically mean that Zuckerberg uses Signal. 

Even if he does, it also doesn't mean that he's not also a WhatsApp user. 

After all, it's possible to have and use several apps on one phone.

Plus, who is to say that the pone number associated with Zuckerberg's Facebook account isn't just a business phone used for many other purposes such as checking out the competition?

However, after all the talk about Signal, we're sure going to check it out as well. 

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