You Can Now Enjoy Perfectly Mixed Cocktails By Malaysia's First Robot Bartender 'MixoBot'


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You Can Now Enjoy Perfectly Mixed Cocktails By Malaysia's First Robot Bartender 'MixoBot'
Travelling at light speeds using flying cars, robots roaming around the streets and people dressed in highly uncomfortable looking metallic outfits. 

This is the stereotypical "future" that most of us would have seen in sci-fi movies years ago. 

The reality is that it is the year 2021 and we are hardly "futuristic" lah but some things are slowly changing. 

One minor but interesting example of a futuristic change is the introduction of Malaysia's first robot bartender. 

Named MixoBot, the robot made its premiere at resto-lounge and wine atelier Lavo recently. 

While it looks incredibly cool, the robot also ensures precise mixing of ingredients for that perfect cocktail.

Cool to look at, great experience

“Flair bartending has always charmed restaurant patrons and MixoBot aims to do exactly that," said Benson Tay, Executive Director of Focus Dynamics, a fast-growing F&B, Entertainment and Lifestyle group that focusses on bringing new concepts and experiences to customers.

And Benson is right, MixoBot definitely has a lot of flair. 


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The main feature of the robot is its arms that carefully concoct drinks from a selected menu. 

The flexible arm even mimics the movements that bartenders make when shaking and mixing drinks.

More robots soon?

While the first MixoBot is currently located at Lavo, plans to have more such robots around the country are in the works. Leasing is also an option.

This is because other than being an attraction, the robot also helps eliminate wastage and save money.

"Bartenders sometimes may not be as precise as a robot. Customers return drinks to the bar station due to ingredient proportions that might not suit their taste. 

"The returned drinks cost the bar money and we hope the MixoBot is able to help eliminate this problem – not only for us, but for the restaurants MixoBot serves,” said Tay.

We tried a couple of drinks by MixoBot and it was not bad at all. 

We had to wait for a bit but as the saying goes, good things are worth waiting for. 

If you'd like to try sipping on a drink by MixoBot, you can book a table at Lavo through the GemSpot mobile application – available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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