(VIDEO) A Touching Gesture: Children Surprise Malaysian Mother With A Brand New House

Awwww.. such a sweet moment.

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(VIDEO) A Touching Gesture: Children Surprise Malaysian Mother With A Brand New House
Repaying our parents for all their sacrifices and hardships is something that all children aspire to do. 

Some of us do it in small ways, and others are lucky enough to go big. 

A group of siblings managed to surprise their mother with a brand new bungalow recently, and the video of the surprise is giving everyone the feels. 

The video starts with the daughter picking her mother up for a surprise outing to a "friend's place". 

At the door of the new house, the daughter finally breaks the news while trying her best to keep it together. 

Once the two step into the home, the mother could not control her emotions and almost fainted.


Netizens touched by act

The video of the surprise has been making its rounds online with thousands commenting, sharing and liking the post. 

Some also identified the lady in the post as being Seri Empire Lady Sdn Bhd founder Juzailah Shariff.


On Instagram, Juzailah explained that it took four years of building the brand to be able to afford to buy a home for her mother. 

"Last week, my sister Jeaa and I managed to suprise our mother. We wanted her to stay in a new house before the start of Ramadhan. 

"We picked her up from her flat at Bandaraya Sri Perak Sentul, the 400sq feet property that all four of my siblings were raised in single-handedly by her," posted Juzailah. 

A touching surprise.

She said that the surprise however turned into panic for a bit when her mother collapsed after learning about the surprise. 

Juzailah said that her mother had a heart condition and thank goodness she was ok in the end. 

"I hope that you're proud of your children's achievements, Mum. We will continue to strive harder. We had a hard life. A very hard life and I remember everything. 

"Thank you Mum for always praying for us and for tirelessly taking care of us," she said adding that it was now time for the siblings to take care of her. 

Such a sweet, inspiring story. 

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