Here's The Reason Why The Weather In Malaysia Is A Little Bit Scary These Days

Scientific explanation.

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Here's The Reason Why The Weather In Malaysia Is A Little Bit Scary These Days

Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening.

We don't think we need to tell you, the weather has been really chaotic this week, especially in the evenings.

We have been 'under attack' by violent thunderstorms and heavy rain, and this has caused quite a bit of chaos:

Well, if you're wondering why the weather has been so unpredictable, there's a reason for it.

Normal occurence, apparently

There's a reason for the weather tantrum.
Despite the chaos, the Department of Meteorology Malaysia (Met Malaysia) has said that the current weather is nothing out of the ordinary.

Met Malaysia director-general Jailan Simon told Bernama that the weather condition in most parts of the west coast of the peninsula was due to the monsoon transition period that the country is currently going through.

“This happens each year, actually and besides lightning and thunder, sometimes it also brings strong winds which could cause damage to buildings or uproot trees and so on.

“It is rather difficult for us to say that the current weather condition is the heavy rain and thunderstorm occurring like yesterday (in Kuala Lumpur) had occurred before,” he was quoted as saying.
And here's a little bit of bad news for those of you who don't like the wet weather: the crazy weather will continue for a number of days more, but Jailan said that it might change by next week when the wind changes direction.

He also urged the public, especially Ramadan bazaar traders and visitors, to be careful during this time.

Stay safe and stay dry, friends.

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