Perak Matriculation Students Fined RM1,500 Each, Malaysians Annoyed At Double Standard Enforcement

MOH is looking into the matter.

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Perak Matriculation Students Fined RM1,500 Each, Malaysians Annoyed At Double Standard Enforcement

Celebrities, politicians and the golongan kayangan have been getting away with breaching COVID-19 SOPs while the common man seems to be getting fined for every single thing.

That's the main idea most Malaysians have these days with many crying "double standards" when it comes to the matter.

The cry has grown louder and louder in the last few months and a recent incident has sparked the anger of Malaysians once again.

Unfair action

It all started when officials from the Perak State Health Department allegedly raided a cafeteria at a matriculation college there after receiving complaints of food poisoning.

According to a Tweet by @InjangNation, the authorities raided the cafetaria, ordered for it to be closed for two days and fined the cafe owners following the complaint.

They did not stop there though. While there, they noticed students not wearing their masks properly and started fining them RM1,500 each.

"We have not been home for close to five months. We have no contact with the outside world. Only the lecturers and college staff are allowed to go in and out of campus. 

"Why is KKM coming in for a different case and suddenly students are getting targetted?" questioned an unnamed student via a WhatsApp screenshot which was shared on Twitter by @InjangNation.



The student added that those who were fined are not from well to do families and were already struggling to get by. 

A RM1,500 fine is just adding to existing stresses. 

The tweet has since gone viral with many taking the side of the students. 





How come celebrities are getting away with it?

Another common point brought up by many is how immidiate fines are never imposed on celebrities or other VIPs.

Many brought up local entrepreneur Neelofa and her husband PU Riz who are still being investigated for breaching COVID-19 SOPs during their wedding last month. 


Investigations underway

Following the public outcry, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has since launched an investigation into the matter. 

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah even replied to the thread on the students being fined via Twitter. 


"Investigations are being done by the Perak State Health Department. Thank you for forwarding your complaint to the MOH. This will be looked into as soon as possible," he assured. 

We truly hope that this matter will be sorted out soon. 

No one, especially students deserve this sort of treatment. 

Even if they were blatantly disregarding regulations, advise first la, warn first la.

Honestly, any kind of action including fines should be metted out as a last resort. 

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