Pay The Fine, Perak Exco Defends RM1,500 Fine Towards Perak Matriculation Students

Such a T20 thing to say.

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Pay The Fine, Perak Exco Defends RM1,500 Fine Towards Perak Matriculation Students

A Perak state executive committee member has defended the move by state health officials to compound six matriculation students RM1,500 each for not wearing their masks properly. 

Malaysians were angered when news surfaced on the matter, with many saying that the students should have been let off with a warning instead. 



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The whole issue started when officials from the state health department raided the cafetaria at the Perak Matriculation College in Gopeng on Sunday (18 April).

Following the raid, they noticed that some students were not wearing their masks properly and officials proceeded to issue RM1,500 compounds to them.

Yesterday (20 April), Perak Health, Science, Environment and Green Technology Committee chairman Mohd Akmal Kamarudin however, called for the students to just settle the fines.

"They (the health officers) were working to break the chain of infection. We should respect them.

"These students don't have to worry about it (paying the fine) because they can appeal for a lower amount. They should able to afford it (discounted amount).

"I can help to pay the compounds if they can't afford it," Akmal said as reported by New Straits Times.

Wow, just wow!

Of course Mohd Akmal's condescending statement (if you read it again, it kinda comes off as arrogant as well) did not go down well with students and Malaysians alike. 

Honestly, if you were ever a student, you'd know that RM1,500 is a LOT of money. 

It's a lot of money to a student and a lot of money to an everage Malaysian family as well.


Many were also extremely angry at how the students were treated as compared to how some celebrities and politicians were treated when it came to breaching COVID-19 SOPs.



Honestly, we stand with Malaysians when it comes to this matter.

Just do away with the compound lah. Give them a warning and let's just get on with our lives. 

It's not like they were out in the open anyway. 

They were within campus and they have not been outside for months.  

Yes, rules are there for a reason but sometimes you need to use your heart (and head) too.

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