You Shall Not Pass: Police To Tighten Control At Toll Plazas To Prevent Interstate Travels

Stay where you are.

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You Shall Not Pass: Police To Tighten Control At Toll Plazas To Prevent Interstate Travels

It's a no go, señor.

Earlier this week, PDRM has issued a statement saying that they will be tightening the rules for the application of interstate travel permits.

You can read all about it here:

And if that's not enough, PDRM will also be going to the extreme to prevent people from sneaking back to thei kampung.

You shall not pass!

Federal police Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department director Datuk Azisman Alias told New Straits Times that the police are keeping a tight control at toll plazas in the capital and at state borders to ensure that Malaysians are not travelling interstate without proper documentation.

Azisman said that his department had tightened interstate movement by erecting road blocks near toll plazas based on the instructions from Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani.

Turn back if you don't want to get into trouble.
"Currently, interstate travel is being tightened at toll plazas.

"Apart from that, interstate travel is still being controlled at state border entrances with roadblocks under the administration of the respective state police chiefs," he was quoted as saying.

Although it may seem extreme, Azisman told the news portal that such measures are necessary because Malaysia has seen an increase in the number of daily COVID-19 cases for the past week.

Since 15 April, the number of daily cases have surpassed the 2,000 mark. As of 21 April, the infectivity rate for the whole country is 1.15.

Under the new, stricter rules aimed at preventing interstate travels during the Aidilfitri period, travelling between state borders for reasons such as employment, medical, and educational purposes were only allowed from Monday to Thursday.

For emergency or bereavement purposes, permits will only be given if it involves the members of one's immediate family, namely parents, children and siblings.

In short, just stay where you are during the Aidilfitri holiday. We know it's sad that you can't balik kampung and celebrate it with your family, but your health is more important at this point.

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