Thai Prime Minister Fined THB6,000 For Failing To Wear A Face Mask In A Public Setting

No double standards there.

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Thai Prime Minister Fined THB6,000 For Failing To Wear A Face Mask In A Public Setting

People caught on despite only a small part of the PM's face showing

We read a news in Bangkok Post that suddenly made us want to pack up and go live in Thailand. 

No, it doesn't have anything to do with the beautiful beaches and amazing food that the country has, but rather the fact that even their Prime Minister isn't above the law, as it should be everywhere in the world. 

Fined for flaunting mask rule

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was the first person in Thailand to be fined THB6,000 (RM783) for failing to wear a mask during a meeting. 

A picture of him chairing a meeting with his vaccine procurement advisers was shared on his Facebook page.

The image has since been removed, but a little too late. 

The picture that went viral on social media.
Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang shared on Facebook that he has made a report against the country's leader for failing to follow the mask-wearing directives that only came into effect recently. 

The new announcement by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration requires everyone in the city to wear a mask at all times when they leave their homes, even if they are sitting in the car with people who live in the same household, or be fined up to THB20,000 (RM2,610) under Section 51 of the 2015 Disease Control Act.

According to the report, fines for the first offence is THB6,000 (RM783), the fine for second offence is THB12,000 (RM1,566) and the fine for subsequent offences would be the maximum amount. 

Obey the law or get fined.
City Hall was quick to take action against the Prime Minister, something that we can't even imagine happening in Malaysia. 

We are pretty jealous of Thailand right now. Surely their people have better mental and physical health not getting angry at their government every day.

Of course, they have their issues just like us but at least there's some form of accountability and consequences, right? 

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