A 45kg "Kampung House" To Be Part Of National Costume For Malaysia's Miss Universe This Year

We're rooting for you Francisca!

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A 45kg
Not only will Francisca Luhong James have to walk with grace and poise during the Miss Universe competition this year, she'll also have to manage a dress change and bring along a 45kg kampung house during the National Costume category. 

Called 'Kampungku', this year's multifaceted cultural outfit is inspired by the traditional Malay kampung houses in Malaysia. 

Designed by local couture designer Carven Ong, 'Kampungku' includes the house and two main outfits - a black and white batik kaftan dress with a bicycle-shaped headpiece and an orange gown with a Borneo Doll headpiece called 'Francisca' by Wesley Hilton. 

Contracting dresses that make up Malaysia's National Costume outfit this year.

A challenging reveal

"She only gets 30 seconds to complete the whole outfit change. The house itself acts as a changing room for her. She'll have to change, turn the house around because the design is different on either side and come out in her next outfit," explained Ong. 

The elaborate creation, which includes Orang Ulu and Malay prints, gold 'kerawang' wooden beading, woven 'mengkuang' additions, a replica of a coconut tree and even chickens, took three months to complete and weighs 45kg.


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Black and white elegance.

The golden creation representing a stunning evening sunset.

Francisca wearing the headpiece created by Wesley Hilton.

During the unveiling event, most of the spectators just stared in awe as Francisca gracefully wheeled the house along during her outfit reveal. 

"Are you worried about the dress change at all?" Rojak Daily asked.

"I'm more excited than anything," replied Francisca who is of Kayan, Kenyah and Iban ethnicity.

"With the right preparation and if I practice every day - which I have been doing - I am confident that I can showcase the full beauty of our National Costume outfit on the Miss Universe stage."

A diamond-studded blue creation

Additionally, Francisca also modelled the glamourous gown that she will don during the evening gown segment. 

Designed by Rizman Ruzaini, the ombre turquoise creation is inspired by the Princess Sejinjang legend, a story synonymous with Sarawak's folklore. 

Inspired by Princess Sejinjang.
"We came up with the evening gown concept together. It's the first time an indigenous girl is representing Malaysia on the Miss Universe stage, and I wanted the design to include elements from my culture," said Francisca. 

The Miss Universe competition is set to take place in Hollywood, Florida in the United States on 16 May. 

To qualify as one of the top 21 finalists, Francisca needs your help in the form of votes.

To support her, all you need to do is download the Miss Universe official app and cast your vote for her. 

Once she qualifies in the top 21, it's then up to her to make it to the top.

We wish this stunning Kuching-born beauty, all the best!

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