No More Exams: UPSR Examinations Have Been Abolished, PT3 Cancelled For This Year

Weird year for students.

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No More Exams: UPSR Examinations Have Been Abolished, PT3 Cancelled For This Year
The Malaysian Times

No more stressing out over exams!

Ever since the pandemic took over the country, one of those who were affected the most, no doubt, were the students.

Classes were cancelled, schools were closed (and reopened and closed again!), examinations were pushed back; the poor kids were at the mercy of the Education Ministry.

However, it looks like there are more changes coming in the horizon.

Big challenge for students

The government has made some pretty big changes to the education system: abolishing the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) and cancelling this year's Form Three Assessment (PT3).

The Primary School Alternative Assessment (PASR) for special needs students would also be abolished, New Straits Times reported.

Senior Minister (Education) Datuk Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin told the daily that the ministry decided to cancel the PT3 examinations, like they did last year, after considering the time available for the students to prepare for the exam, especially those related to face-to-face teaching and learning at schools.

Mohd Radzi said the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic was also a factor in the decision.

In place of the examination, evaluation would be done via classroom-based assessment (PBD), physical activity, sports and curriculum assessment (PAJSK), and psychometric assessment (PSI).

The govt are looking at other ways to assess the students.
He added that for the purpose of admission to boarding schools for Form 1 and Form 4 students in 2022, they will have to take the Pentaksiran Kemasukan Murid ke Sekolah Khusus (PKSK) examinations.

As for the UPSR examinations, Mohd Radzi said the ministry had looked into how assessment methods were implemented at primary schools in other countries following the cancellation of the examination last year.

Among the things considered, according to Mohd Radzi, is to empower PBD further.

Well, we believe that it’s a move in the right direction! We do hope that the government take inspiration from countries such as Finland and Japan, as they have one of the best education systems in the world.

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