Toilet Rolls Not Needed: UK Woman Saves Money By Making & Using Reusable Toilet Wipes

They wash it once a week? Eeek!

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Toilet Rolls Not Needed: UK Woman Saves Money By Making & Using Reusable Toilet Wipes

Humans use a lot of toilet paper.

The COVID-19 lockdowns all over the world saw people hogging toilet paper and panic buying them in dozens.

Determined to not follow the heard, a family in the UK have come up with their own solution to this essential product. 

The mother of the family, Kelsey Leverton, 42, came up with reusable toilet paper and trained her family to use them since three years ago.

According to a report by LAD Bible, Kelsey decided to go ahead with the idea after realising that the family goes through 288 toilet rolls a year.

Giving it a go

Leverton said she decided to try reusable toilet paper after hearing about it on the radio.

Easy peasy.

"I heard someone on the radio talking about reusable toilet wipes and it was a real eye opener. I thought, 'I can do this, it's easy'.

"I thought about how my mum used terry towelling when we were babies as washable nappies and thought it would be the ideal material. Plus it helps that none of us are squeamish,” she said.

All Leverton did was buy a metre square of terry towel and cut it up into 50 strips.

It has been used and washed 150 times since and they are still in perfect shape.

She said the wipes will be placed in a basket next to the toilets and once used they will be dumped in a small wastepaper bin scented with essential oils.

"I use fresh scents like orange, lemon, peppermint or frankincense. I just put a few drops in the bottom of the bins and they don't get smelly at all,” she said.

To wash, she collects them at the end of each week, places them in a mesh bag and wash them at 40 degrees.

Warming up to the concept took time

Washed once a week.

Leverton added that her two girls who were initially grossed out by the idea of reusable wipes, have now gotten used to it.

Guests visiting her house are not spared from utilising the sustainable product, but they are also given an option of using her excess toilet paper if they want to.

Good on Leverton but I think most of us here will stick to our bidets.

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