Man In China Nabbed For Allegedly Selling Son, Using Money To Go On Holiday With New Wife


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Man In China Nabbed For Allegedly Selling Son, Using Money To Go On Holiday With New Wife
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Oh no, the poor boy.

We've heard plenty of crazy things coming out of China that made us go 'WTF?!'.

This piece of news, however, could be the most 'WTF' of them all.

Flaunts wealth

The poor kid had no idea.
A man from the Chinese province of Zhejiang was reportedly arrested for allegedly selling his son and using the money to fund a holiday with his new wife.

According to a report by South China Morning Post, the man named Xie had sold his two-year-old son named Jiajia to a childless couple in Changshu, Jiangsu province for 158,000 yuan (RM100,658).

Using his newfound wealth, Xie then reportedly took his new wife on a holiday from Jiangsu to Guizhou province.

He even reportedly flaunted his wealth, sending videos and pictures of his stacks of yuan to his family and friends.

Xie had been showing off his wealth.

Brother reported the sale

According to SCMP, the toddler was put under Xie's care after his divorce from the child's mother, who kept the pair's daughter.

Xie then placed the boy under the care of his brother Lin, citing that it would be more convenient for the boy as he worked in another city.

However, Xie reportedly took Jiajia away one day, claiming that he was taking the boy to visit his mother.

When Jiajia did not arrive at his mother's location and calls to Xie went unanswered, Lin made a police report on 17 April.

Reunited with his grandmother.
A week later, the police managed to arrest Xie, and he confessed to selling his son.

Thankfully, the authorities returned Jiajia to his grandmother a day after Xie was arrested.

It was later found that Xie has a nasty habit of giving away his kids: he had reportedly given away two daughters from his previous marriage, citing poverty as a reason.

Well, let's hope that the poor boy will be taken care by someone who actually really loves him.

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