PDRM To Intensify Enforcement, Increase Roadblocks And Set Up Monitoring Teams In MCO States

To ensure we really comply.

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PDRM To Intensify Enforcement, Increase Roadblocks And Set Up Monitoring Teams In MCO States

You really shall not pass, guys!

On Monday (10 May), the government announced that the whole of Malaysia will be placed under the movement control order (MCO) from 12 May to 7 June:

And this time around, the government is not taking any chances.

Making sure everyone is staying put

Along with the MCO, stricter travel restrictions and SOPs have also been put in place.

In order to ensure public compliance, the police, including several state chief police officers, have intensified enforcement and control at state and district borders as well as crowded areas, Bernama reported.

According to the report, 91 SOP Compliance Monitoring teams, comprising of five officers and 1,200 personnel, have been set up to monitor crowded areas in Kuala Lumpur alone.

Quoting Kuala Lumpur Police chief Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim, the report said the teams would be issuing reminders to the public to adhere to the SOP and issue compounds to those who disobey directives.

He added that the teams would be assisted by 61 enforcement teams from other agencies such as the People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) and Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF).

The police are determined to stop Malaysians from traveling.
The stricter rules also apply to other states in the country.

In Johor, for example, a total of 1,212 police officers and personnel would be on duty during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri period, with 840 of them manning roadblocks.

Johor Police chief Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay told the news agency that the police received a total of 19,090 applications for interstate and interdistrict travel, and out of that, 465 applications were rejected.

“(After this) no more advice. We have advised and warned them many times. If we detain them (after this), we will straight away compound them, so don’t say police are inconsiderate.

“Warning has been given, so be responsible,” he was quoted as saying.

Not so fast, people!
In Penang, meanwhile, 6,022 police personnel will be on duty, with 3,500 involved in COVID-19 related works such as manning roadblocks, State police chief Datuk Sahabudin Abd Manan told Bernama.

He said the roadblocks in the states have also been increased from 15 to 41 and that the police will be more careful in approving applications for interstate or interdistrict movement.

“Various excuses are given but we want proof if the permission given is misused, there will be no more warnings, we will issue compounds right away,” he was quoted as saying.

In Perak, state Police chief Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said 58 roadblocks are in place with a total of 933 police officers and personnel manning them.

With the police really cracking down on interstate travels, staying put where you are is, indeed, the best thing to do.

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