A Power Bank Shaped Like A Grenade Causes Two-Hour Bomb Scare At KL Construction Site


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A Power Bank Shaped Like A Grenade Causes Two-Hour Bomb Scare At KL Construction Site
Facebook/Mohd Nurul Syuhada WC

Not what you're expecting it to be.

With what's been going on around the world lately, it's not very uncommon to have bomb scares:

Recently, a 'grenade' sent every one at a construction site in Kuala Lumpur into a state of panic.

A tense moment

The authorities turned up in full force.On Friday (7 May), the police received a distress call at around 12.41pm when a worker at the Tun Razak Exchange construction site stumbled upon an object shaped like a hand grenade.

Facebook user Mohd Nurul Syuhada WC shared that one of his sub-contractors alerted him about the discovery of a 'grenade' after digging in the drain.

He immediately placed a distress call.

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Zainal Abdullah told The Star Online that the police, forensic unit and the Bomb Disposal Unit (UPB) were instantly deployed to the location.

Phew, thank god it's not a real thing.
After sweeping the area and checking out the 'grenade', the authorities confirmed that the item found was not an explosive; it was actually a power bank sold by accessories brand Remax that you can get on Shopee for just RM47.

To be honest, who thought it was a good idea to design a grenade-shaped power bank lah?

Here's the 'grenade', you guys.
Mohd Nurul Syuhada WC's post has since gone viral on social media, having been shared more than 880 times.

Many netizens shared their amusement at the situation and also praises for Mohd Nurul Syuhada for being decisive enough to call the relevant authorities.

This will be a story worth telling for years to come for Mohd Nurul Syuhada, we're pretty sure.

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