The Police Have Found A Way To Monitor Residential Areas During Hari Raya: High Tech Drones!

You can't escape.

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The Police Have Found A Way To Monitor Residential Areas During Hari Raya: High Tech Drones!

Always watching.

If you think you could sneak back to your kampung and celebrate Hari Raya with your family, well, we have some bad news for you.

The police will be going high tech to ensure that no one is breaking the law during the festive period.

The police are always watching

PDRM has revealed that they will be enlisting the help of high tech drones to monitor residential areas during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri period, The Star Online reported.

Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department’s 'SAC Operations' Senior Asst Comm MV Srikumar Nair told the news portal that the drones will be used to ensure that Malaysians do not break the movement control order (MCO) SOPs set by the government.

Be careful guys, they're always watching.
However, SACP MV Srikumar has assured Malaysians that the police will not just fly the drones into a housing area without proper notice.

"Its use, however, will be subject to the request of OCPDs in the state," he was quoted as saying.

For high rise apartments or condominiums, SACP MV Srikumar said the police will not be using drones to monitor the activities; they'll be checking the visitors’ logs at the premises instead.

He also advised Malaysians to report any SOP violation during the Aidilfitri festivities that happen in their residential areas to the police.

Hello, don't play play!
On Monday (10 May), Prime Minister Muhyiddin announced that the whole of Malaysia will be placed under MCO beginning today (12 May) until 7 June.

As such, house-to-house visits as well as 'ziarah kubur' (cemetery visits) are not allowed during Hari Raya.

Aildilfitri prayers at mosques and surau is allowed, but with strict restrictions: only 50 people are allowed at one time in mosques and surau that can cater to over 1,000 capacity, or 20 for smaller mosques.

Now that you know that the police are not messing about, just remember to obey the SOPs at all times, OK?

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