A Woman In Putrajaya Was Fined RM2,000 For Visiting On Duty Police Husband At Roadblock

No compromise.

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A Woman In Putrajaya Was Fined RM2,000 For Visiting On Duty Police Husband At Roadblock
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Fair punishment?

The rules and regulations are here for a reason, and those who break them will face consequences.

This woman from Putrajaya learnt that the hard way.

Too harsh?

The picture that has gone viral.
The poor woman, who decided to pay a visit to her husband while he was on duty, had to pay the price for disobeying the Hari Raya standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Her husband, a Putrajaya district police headquarters personnel, was manning a roadblock at Persiaran Selatan on 13 May when his wife decided to pay him a visit.

According to Bernama, a photo of the woman and her three children aged 11, 10 and five, visiting her husband went viral on social media recently. 

For her troubles, Putrajaya District Police chief ACP Mohd Fadzil Ali said in a statement that the woman was issued a RM2,000 compound under Regulation 17 (PU A 225/2021) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Regulations.

The woman was given a RM2,000 compound.
While ACP Mohd Fadzil said the woman's actions were that of a responsible wife, the police wanted to set a good example to the public.

"Public interest, however, is more important than that of an individual and the police do not want such an act to be turned into an excuse by others to visit their families who are working on Hari Raya or normal days," he was quoted as saying.

ACP Mohd Fadzil further added that the police will not compromise on any SOP violation, and they will take action against anyone.

Raya SOP compliance unsatisfactory

The police have also said in a seperate report that level of public compliance with the Hari Raya SOPs throughout the country has been unsatisfactory, Malay Mail reported.

Based on the number of compounds issued and the number of people that were turned away at the roadblocks, there are still some Malaysians who are taking the SOPs lightly.

For instance, in Terengganu, a total of 43 individuals were compounded a total of RM172,000 for going sightseeing and taking pictures at the beach area in Kuala Terengganu.

With the police cracking down on those who breach the SOPs, it is wise for you to stay home and don't go anywhere for now.

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