Don't Worry, Interval For Second Dose Of AstraZeneca Vaccine Will Be Updated To 12 Weeks Soon

12 weeks is the recommended period by WHO.

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Don't Worry, Interval For Second Dose Of AstraZeneca Vaccine Will Be Updated To 12 Weeks Soon
If you've gotten your first AstraZeneca (AZ) shot and noticed that the appointment for your second dose has been set for far less than the recommended 12 weeks interval, don't panic. 

Apparently, there is some error and the date will be corrected soon. 

National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme coordinating minister Khairy Jamaluddin said that he was aware that some were concerned after noticing that their second appointment date was set too soon. 

Checks by Rojak Daily showed that most who received updates on their second dose were told to return in four weeks.

This period is much shorter than the recommended interval period of 12 weeks. 

Dates to be updated soon

So soon?

"All AZ second dose appointments will be updated soon to 12 weeks. This will be reflected in MySejahtera.

"12 weeks is the default. Some still have a shorter interval in their MySejahtera. This will be rectified as soon as possible," Khairy tweeted as reported by New Straits Times.

Khairy later tweeted that the Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Access Guarantee (JKJAV) will accept requests for shortened interval soon.

The requests will be granted on a case by case basis, for example, for students who need to go abroad.

In an earlier report, Khairy had said that the second dose for the AZ vaccine will be set at 12-weeks in line with recommendations by the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

Efficacy rates depend on interval period according to study

FYI, an Oxford study noted that efficacy rates for the AZ vaccine could vary based on how wide the interval period is between the first and second doses. 

“Vaccine efficacy after a single standard dose of vaccine from day 22 to day 90 post vaccination was 76% ... and modelled analysis indicated that protection did not wane during this initial 3 month period,” the study found as reported by CNBC in February this year.

Length of interval between doses have an impact on efficacy.

The report detailed that the efficacy rate rose to 82.4% when there was at least a 12-week interval before the second dose.

When the second dose was given less than six weeks after the first one, the efficacy rate was 54.9%.

Looks like there are a lot of variables to consider. 

Understand the pros and cons before making a decision on this. 

If you have any other concerns pertaining to the AZ Vaccine or COVID-19, you can also reach out to the Ministry of Health via your MySejahtera app Helpdesk, head to or contact 1-800 888 828.

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