Ebit Lew Gets New Home For Woman Who Has Been Sleeping Under Tree For 14 Years

Bless Ebit!

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Ebit Lew Gets New Home For Woman Who Has Been Sleeping Under Tree For 14 Years

Popular preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew has done it again!

This time around, he aided a homeless woman who had been sleeping under a tree for the past 14 years to get a new home.

According to a report by Malay Mail citing a post on Ebit’s Facebook page, the preacher had noticed Maaletchmy, 62, collecting metal scraps as a means of living.

He said when he learnt about Maaletchmy’s sleeping location, he was shocked as he did not think that anyone could sleep on such a busy road.

Learning about her story.
Ebit later met up with Maaletchumy, especially when urged by scrap metal business owners who were worried about her safety.

“Maaletchmy opened up to me and told me that she was married before.

“She had also rented a place but was forced to leave as she wasn’t able to pay her rent.

“That was when I offered a free rental house for her, but she rejected and told me to give it to someone else who desperately needed a place to stay as she was still healthy and able to get food for herself.”

A proper home to reside in

Bonding time.
Ebit later successfully persuaded Maaletchumy and arranged for her to stay at Petaling Jaya’s Mentari Court.

He also bought some new clothes and house supplies for her as well.

“Initially, she thought that I was just joking when I told her I would get her a new home, and she then burst into tears when she realised that I was serious about it.

“She told me that now she does not have to run to find shelter somewhere when it's raining heavily and was very grateful,” he said.

Someone make Ebit the Prime Minister, please!


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