Baby, One More Time? Neelofa And Family Being Investigated For SOP Breach During Hari Raya

Is this their way of giving government money?

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Baby, One More Time? Neelofa And Family Being Investigated For SOP Breach During Hari Raya

Neelofa and family celebrating Raya

We know, we know; you're tired of reading about Neelofa and her repeated disregard for the SOPs set by the government.

Trust us when we say we're tired of writing about people, especially the same people, not doing the responsible thing.

But we can't stop calling people out or things will only be worse, wouldn't it?

What is it this time?

Over the Hari Raya weekend, Neelofa and her family came under the spotlight for the wrong reasons again for allegedly breaching the Raya SOPs.

Her sister, Noor Nabila, allegedly uploaded a short video clip of a family gathering supposedly happened at the 32-year-old's house in Ampang.

1 syawal yang penuh mulia (a glorious Syawal)", read the caption of the video, which has since been deleted.

However, eagle-eyed netizens managed to grab screenshots of said video, and those seen in the clip include Neelofa, her husband PU Riz, Nabila and two others.

Clear as day, don’t you think?
Malay Mail reported that the police is investigating the issue. 

Ampang Jaya District Police Chief Mohamad Farouk Eshak was quoted as saying that the video was likely to have been shot at Neelofa's home in Hulu Kelang, Ampang. 

"We will call those involved in the festive activities to testify," said Mohamad Farouk.

A press release shared on the official PDRM Twitter also shows that the police is investigating the issue. 

In the statement, the police has also said that crossing state and district borders are prohibited under MCO 3.0. However, traveling within Kuala Lumpur is not restricted. 

The police asks the public to stop speculating about the issue.

Umm... correct us if we're wrong, but didn't the government also prohibit visiting during Hari Raya? 

Repeat offender

Isn’t she a repeat offender by now?
Neelofa and her family were fined RM60,000 in total for breaching SOPs at her wedding earlier this year.

The fine also included the offence committed shortly after her wedding where the couple travelled to Langkawi on business but shared pictures of them going on fun rides. 

Despite saying that she has learnt her lessons, Neelofa and husband got into trouble (with social media users, at least) when a video of them buying carpets in Nilai when there is a ban on crossing state borders went viral. 

Looking at the number of times Neelofa and her husband as well as her family members seem to flaunt SOPs and advertise it to the world, we have to wonder if they feel sorry for the government that keeps saying its running out of money. 

Instead of just donating their money, they publicly break the law so they can pay fines to refill the government's coffers. #SangkaBaik 

We wonder what the police will say about Neelofa's boo-boo this time around.

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