Creepy But Cool, This M'sian Woman Creates All Sorts Of Looks Using Special Effects Makeup For Fun

She’s so talented!

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Creepy But Cool, This M'sian Woman Creates All Sorts Of Looks Using Special Effects Makeup For Fun

A Malaysian woman whose hobby is to play around with special effects makeup, is bringing chills to her social media followers.

Wan Farah Nadia Wan Iskandar, 27, is a fan of horror and thriller movies and her work with special effects makeup speaks at length of her preference.


A scroll through her Instagram feed will either spook you out or impress you, depending on what you like.

“Some people would say that I’m wasting my time by doing these special effects makeup.

“But they don’t understand that makeup is my passion, it’s like a form of self-expression to me,” Wan Farah Nadia told Malay Mail.


Clowning around

She said her followers began to pick up after her ‘Hijabista Clown’ makeup which was her tribute to Stephen King’s IT clown last Halloween.

Wan Farah Nadia also recently went viral after doing a Hari Raya-themed special effects makeup featuring lontong as her inspiration.


The Hari Raya project was done in collaboration with six other friends who picked one dish each to transform into.

“We decided to go with the Hari Raya theme since everyone can’t go back home for Raya due to the Movement Control Order.

“So, we want to do something to cheer our followers. One of my friends decided to do a cherry biscuit makeup, and another had gone with rainbow biscuits.

“As for me, I chose lontong since it has always been my favourite dish, especially during Hari Raya,” she said.

Time consuming but worth the effort

She shared that the art is time-consuming and sometimes takes days to complete.

The artwork that took her the longest to complete was Pale Man from the dark fantasy film, Pans Labyrinth.


She took four days to complete the look because she used liquid latex as her main ingredient, which requires time to dry before starting on other details.

She said that Pale Man remains her favourite work to date.

Wan Farah Nadia said while her passion remains a hobby now, she doesn’t mind being a professional one day.

We wish you all the best!

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