Netizens Slam Professor Who Said Women Should "Act Stupid" To Attract Men

An insult to both men and women

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Netizens Slam Professor Who Said Women Should
A local opthamologist, who is also a professor and speaker, came under fire when she said that women should act a stupid to attract men. 

A video of Datuk Prof Dr Muhaya Mohamad titled "Kenapa Wanita Lambat Dapat Jodoh" (Why women are late to find a partner) went viral after several Twitter-famous people called her out for her outdated views. 

We checked Dr Muhaya's social media pages but couldn't find the original posting, but the internet never forgets, so here you go:

Women should act dumb

According to the doctor, who has over 1.7 million followers on Facebook and more than 500,000 on Instagram, women who are too driven and independent have high testosterone levels. 

She added that if such women are single, they will find it difficult to find a partner. 

"Men like women who are soft, (have) high estrogen, dependant, need assistance. Just play dumb," she said, advising single women to reflect on their characters. 

Netizens aren't happy with what she said

Dr Muhaya's video earned the wrath of netizens who called out her outdated and harmful views. 
It's quite disturbing to see an educated woman who has influence over millions of people speading a message that isn't just inaccurate but also can potentially be harmful. 

Best line from the movie


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