PJ Food Delivery Service Launches Food Bank To Feed The Needy

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PJ Food Delivery Service Launches Food Bank To Feed The Needy

Petaling Jaya food delivery service kEATchen is going above and beyond to help those in need during these tough times.

The company launched a food bank initiative to give basic necessities to people who have lost their jobs and those who don’t have enough to eat.

kEATchen chief marketing officer Faris Faridudin Mohmad told Malay Mail that under the initiative, 20 food delivery riders were also given essential food such as rice, eggs, flour and potatoes.

“Some food delivery riders are struggling to keep their families afloat, and that is why we decided to give them food.

“Meanwhile, there are others who lost their jobs and became delivery riders. They are also struggling to feed themselves and their families.

“Non-food items that we also pack and give to recipients include face masks, sanitisers, diapers and sanitary pads,” he told Malay Mail.

Food packages for the hungry

The food bank has distributed between 200 to 300 sets of food packages to those in need since the lockdown started.

If you wish to be part of this noble cause, you can donate by transferring your preferred amount to Eatvolution Sdn Bhd, Maybank number: 564726685798 labelled Food Bank.

You can also donate food item such as rice, eggs, flour, potatoes, sugar, milk, and cooking oil kEATchen’s centre located at No. 8, Jalan 1A/14, Taman Perindustrian Jaya, 47301, Petaling Jaya.

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