A Gang Of Robbers Used MITI Letters To Cross State Borders And Rob A Businessman

Wah, so easy to cross state borders?

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A Gang Of Robbers Used MITI Letters To Cross State Borders And Rob A Businessman

Cops hoodwinked

While many Malaysians haven't even been able to visit their family for months, if not more than a year, due to the pandemic, some don't find crossing state borders that much of an impediment to do what they want. 

Police block? No problem. All you need is a letter from the International Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI). 

Taking advantage of the letter they somehow got their hands on (not that it's that hard), five 'Gang 36' members from Selangor travelled to Melaka to mug a businessman. 

Stole things worth RM1.2 million 

Melaka Police Chief
According to a report on NST, the police caught the gang members in Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, three days after the robbery in Melaka. 

Melaka Police Chief Datuk Abdul Majid Mohd Ali said that four gang members were caught after they robbed a 54-year-old businessman in Klebang. 

Another gang member who was present at the property in Kuala Lumpur was also arrested. 

The robbers, who entered Melaka in a Toyota Hilux and a Vellfire, went to the home of the businessman as guests and were invited in. They were reportedly not even wearing masks to hide their identity.

They then reportedly tied up the businessman and his 42-year-old wife before robbing them. Their two children, aged eight and nine, were also at home but were not harmed in the incident.

The police seized RM1.2 million worth of items belonging to the couple, including jewellery, a collection of swords and a Range Rover belonging to the victim, as well as the two vehicles believed to have been used in the robbery. 

"All of them are now remanded for five days to assist in the investigation according to Section 395 (gang-robbery) of the Penal Code and Section 379A of the same code," Ahmad Majid was quoted as saying. 

He also said that all the arrested gang members were involved with secret society and have criminal records involving drugs and other crimes. 

Wow! So brazen. We hope the family that the victims are fine and will get over their trauma soon. 

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