M'sian Copywriter Entertains Netizens With Drawings Depicting Dreams VS The Harsh Realities Of Life

He speaks to us about what inspired the collection.

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M'sian Copywriter Entertains Netizens With Drawings Depicting Dreams VS The Harsh Realities Of Life

If you're a fan of clever cartoons, comics or memes, you would have come across this series of drawings called 'Don't Let Your Dreams Become Memes'. 

The collection, which basically pokes fun at your ambitions as a child versus the painful realities of life (specifically pandemic life), have been going viral recently.

The Masked Rider.

The collection of work by 36-year-old copywriter Daniel Mok, originated with one idea which popped into his head when he was heading out to tapau food one day. 

"I saw a delivery guy wearing a mask, and I just suddenly thought of the Masked Rider, a superhero I grew up watching," he said when speaking to Rojak Daily

Upon returning home, he expanded on his idea and came up with the first creation from the series. 

Daniel said that the ideas just kept rolling in, and before he knew it, he had created 10 different creations that were both funny and dark.

Astro Boy!Wondar Woman.

Relatable work

"I'm not great at drawing, but I always liked stories and jokes. I've done a few other drawings which also gained attention before but nothing like this series," he said. 

"I guess the message resonates with everyone because of the current depressing times. I mean, we all have our dreams growing up, but we also have to face the reality of today."



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Daniel said it took him about a week to complete the collection, and he was shocked by how people have been responding to it. 

"It's just crazy because I've been getting remarks from all segments of society...different races, backgrounds. I guess Malaysians can appreciate dark humour. 

"But that's one great thing about us. We can laugh at ourselves," he said.

Daniel, who started drawing about two years ago when he first got an iPad, repeatedly said that he was not a professional when it comes to drawing. 

"I'm super slow, but I love experimenting, and I'm happy that people like my work," he said adding that he was nervous when first posting the collection.

He added that he had time to think and draw the collection because he was bored of being stuck at home but hopes to come up with more drawings once the MCO ends and work gets busy again.

"In the future, I hope not to just do dark humour but inspiring stories, funny puns, childhood memories; things that people can laugh at and reflect on."


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What do you think about Daniel's artwork? Can you relate? 

If you're a fan, you can view more of Daniel's work by following him on Insta.

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