60-Year-Old Man Travels 90km To Help 90-Year-Old Neighbour Get Vaccinated


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60-Year-Old Man Travels 90km To Help 90-Year-Old Neighbour Get Vaccinated

In a time where neighbourly love is fairly rare, one man’s selfless act deserves a standing ovation.

Syed Hassan Syed Bakar cares about his elderly neighbour so much that he made a return trip of more than 90km to make sure she gets vaccinated at Kubang Kerian.

A good neighbour.

While some may go "Alaaaa... Hantar orang jer pun", it should be noted that Syed is 60 and his neighbour, Gan Giok Hiang is 90-years-old.

No other relatives around to help

According to a report by News Straits Times, Gan could not get the assistance of her son in Kota Baru to send her to the vaccination centre due to the lockdown.

"I volunteered to do so. We left Rantau Panjang at 9.30am for the 45km trip (one-way) and reached the vaccination centre about 11am. Once we reached the centre, we did not have to wait long.

"Since Gan needed a wheelchair to move about, she was accompanied by her 79-year-old niece, Lim Mik Way@ Lim Mik Wang.

"Lim was lucky because the health worker offered her the vaccine since she is in the high-risk group and is a registered patient with Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital," he said, as quoted in the report.


Syed Hassan, 60, said his sister, Sharifah Zainab, 63, also helped Gan to register for the vaccination through the MySejahtera app.

He added that he knew Gan and Lim for a long time.

"I have known Gan and Lim since I was a child. Whenever I needed help, one of them would step up. We have been neighbours for the longest time, and it is only natural for us to help each other."

How nice if all of us could be best friends with our neighbours like this?


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