Coca-Cola Lost Billions Of Dollars In Market Value Because Of Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

Power of the snub.

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Coca-Cola Lost Billions Of Dollars In Market Value Because Of Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

Say no to soft drinks. Say yes to water.

One way to measure how good an influencer is, is by judging how and how much they influence other people.

And judging by Coca-Cola's recent misfortune, it's safe to say that football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is the king of influencers.

Not a fan, thanks!

Say no to sugary drinks, kids.
The beverage giant recently lost billions of dollars in market value overnight due to a harmless gesture from the 36-year-old footballer, business portal Forbes reported.

On Monday (14 June), the captain of the Portugal team sat down to speak to the media ahead of the national team's UEFA EURO 2020 match against Hungary, which Portugal won 3-0 thanks to two goals from Ronaldo.

As he sat down at the table, Ronaldo was visibly troubled when he saw two bottles of Coca-Cola in front of him.

He immediately removed the bottles out of the camera's frame, and instead, he held up a bottle of water and said: "Agua! ('water' in Portuguese)"

Here's the video:
As a result of the snub by Ronaldo, Coca-Cola, one of the major sponsors of the tournament, saw its share price drop by 1.6 per cent to USD55.22 (RM228) almost overnight.

Its market value also took a nose-dive, going from USD242 billion (RM1 trillion) to USD238 billion (RM983 billion) -- a whopping loss of USD4 billion (RM16.5 billion).

Responding to Ronaldo's actions, Coca-Cola said in a statement quoted by ESPN that "everyone is entitled to their drink preferences" with different "tastes and needs."

A spokesperson for the UEFA EURO 2020, meanwhile, explained that they provide players with a choice of beverage during press conferences.

"Players are offered water, alongside Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, on arrival at our press conferences."

Advocate of a healthy diet

In tip-top condition.
The Juventus player has long been an advocate of a healthy diet.

He's arguably one of the fittest athletes on the planet: according to a report by Talk Sport, Ronaldo has a body fat percentage of just seven per cent and a a muscle mass of 50 per cent.

In addition to that, the all-time highest goalscorer in European Championship history eats six meals and takes five 90-minute naps a day, Insider revealed.

Over the years, Ronaldo has avoided 'poisoning' his well-sculpted body by drinking sugary drinks.

Darn, he just made us so guilty for downing a can of Coca-Cola yesterday after lunch.

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