Soon, You Can Walk Into Any Vaccination Centre And Get Yourself Vaccinated On The Spot

Less hassle.

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Soon, You Can Walk Into Any Vaccination Centre And Get Yourself Vaccinated On The Spot

It's like walking into your favourite restaurant.

Over the past few weeks, the government has ramped up their vaccination efforts: by introducing drive-in vaccination centres to mobilising mobile vaccination trucks, the government is doing all they can to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

To further improve the efficiency, they may soon announce a new vaccination method.

Walk-in and get your jab

The government is reportedly considering letting Malaysians walk into any vaccination centre and get themselves vaccinated on the spot.

Khairy Jamaluddin, the coordinating minister for the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme, told The Star Online that they are looking at introducing walk-ins to vaccination centre possibly by the end of August or mid-September.

But first, the government will focus on vaccinating those who have registered via the MySejahtera app before allowing walk-ins.

Just walk in and get your jab.
"I think once we have cleared them (those who are registered) by the end of August or early September then we will introduce walk-ins," he was quoted as saying.

According to Khairy, walk-in vaccinations will be as easy as, well, just walking in and getting your jab.

"You can just go in, show up, and be vaccinated. You will not need a registration anymore," he was quoted as saying.

Khairy added that the reason why the government couldn't allow walk-ins before was because they wanted to be fair to those who had registered.

Mix-and-match approach

On Wednesday (16 June), Khairy revealed that the government is also closely studying the the mix-and-match vaccines approach, where two different brands of vaccinations are given to an individual.

Khairy said a lot of countries are using the method, which is called the heterologous vaccination where two different vaccines are used.

By administering AstraZeneca as the first dose and Pfizer–BioNTech for the second dose, the method is said to boost efficacy against different variants.

Khairy said that the government has obtained real-world data which backs up the claim.

The method is proven to be effective.
"We have real-world data that we received from Germany regarding heterologous vaccination, using AstraZeneca for the first dose and Pfizer as the second dose, which has been shown to boost the antibody and proven more effective against variants.

"More data is coming in and we are monitoring this closely. We do not want to make a quick decision on this before getting more data," he was quoted as saying.

Khairy told the daily that once more research has been done, he will advise the Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Access Guarantee, which he co-chairs with Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba, and implement the heterologous vaccination.

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