Malaysian Doctor Says It’s Possible For COVID-19 To Spread Through Infected Patient’s Farts

We did not expect that.

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Malaysian Doctor Says It’s Possible For COVID-19 To Spread Through Infected Patient’s Farts
Reuters via New Straits Times

Now you know...

Given the rising number of COVID-19 cases and death tolls in our country, the Health Ministry has recommended everyone to start double-masking to protect them from the deadly virus.
But soon, it looks like we may have to wear another double layer of protection - but for our bums.

Can COVID-19 spread through farts?

According to Free Malaysia Today, Kuala Lumpur Hospital Emergency and Trauma specialist Dr Alzamani Mohammad Idrose reveald that there’s a possibility that COVID-19 can infect others through farts.
Thicker pants for extra protection?
This is because the gas released from our, umm, bum hole has a risk of carrying the virus. On top of that, the virus can also be found in a COVID-19 patient’s faeces.
The same gas also spreads throught the lungs of COVID-19 patients, he added.
“However, the risk of getting infected through farts is actually very low considering there are protection layers made up of the underwear and pants,” Dr Alzamani was quoted as saying.
“It sounds funny, but it’s actually a serious concern.
“The best thing to do now to stay safe is by practising the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) set to avoid being infected.”
COVID-19 is real, guys.
Prior to this, a few other doctors have warned that farts have fine particles which contain bacteria or virus that could lead to infections or other illneses.
But the risk is relatively low, unless someone who tested positive for COVID-19 wasn't wearing any pants and fart directly into your face at close range.
So, the best thing you could do is to not even be in close contact with someone who has symptoms, under quarantine, or even tested positive.
Always wear a face mask, practise social distancing, try to stay home as much as possible and of course, wear pants.

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