PDRM Set To Complete Investigation Into Insult Case Involving Neelofa's Mother

We almost forgot about this.

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PDRM Set To Complete Investigation Into Insult Case Involving Neelofa's Mother

Will this all be over soon?

We are pretty sure local celebrity Neelofa and members of her family are very eager to put 2021 behind them.

Hopefully, once this case is over, they can do that - provided that they don't cari pasal again lah!

Statements have been recorded

The Selangor police revealed that they are in the midst of completing investigations into the case involving the mother of the 32-year-old actress-turned-entrepreneur-turned-wife of PU Riz, Datin Noor Kartini Noor Mohamed.

Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Arjunaidi Mohamed told The Star Online that the police have just received the technical report from the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and will proceeding with the next steps.

Noor Kartini will know her fate soon.
"We have just received the report from them, so we will complete our investigation papers before referring it to the Deputy Public Prosecutor for further instruction," he was quoted as saying.

Arjunaidi urged the public to refrain from speculating about the case, and allow them to conduct a proper and thorough investigation.

He revealed that a total of seven individuals, including Noor Kartini, had their statements recorded.

What happened?

On 30 May, Noor Kartini caused quite a stir on social media when a screenshot of an Instagram Story from her personal Instagram account went viral.

In the Instagram Story, Noor Kartini appeared to have taken a swipe at the Sultan of Johor, criticising him for a statement he made about the lockdown and the state of Emergency.

"If you’re concerned, tell him to cancel the emergency! Talk so much,” the caption of the Instagram Story read.

The IG Story that has since been deleted.
The son of the Sultan of Johor, Tunku Idris, later fired back at Noor Kartini, asking: "Is it true that all the members of her family are like this?”

The Story was deleted a few minutes later, but like they say, the internet never forgets.

Noor Kartini later issued a statement, saying that one of her staff members, who happens to be an admin of her Instagram account, had misused it to post the Story.

"I have never given permission or authority to any admin to issue political statements and posts on my Instagram account. Especially for insulting or provoking the Institution of the Malay Rulers," she said in the statement quoted by Astro Awani.  

Noor Kartini later lodged a police report, and apologised to the Ruler. 

Meanwhile, Zulshafiqah Zulkafli, Noor Kartini's social media manager, claimed that she did not write the caption in the Instagram Story.

Instead, Zulshafiqah said the image she uploaded onto Instagram was a screenshot of someone else’s post, which she had reportedly saved for "reference."

"The purpose of that screenshot was only for my own reference and I had no intention of posting it on Datin Noor Kartini’s Instagram or my personal Instagram page.

"I also want to clarify that the photo and original caption that was posted was not written by me or Datin Noor Kartini," she wrote.

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Well, we guess that the moral of the story is to check and check and check yet again before posting something up on social media.

The last thing you want is a VIP card to a police station like Neelofa and her family.

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