Superhero Doggo Saves Family Of Five From House Fire In Teluk Intan

Such a clever girl!

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Superhero Doggo Saves Family Of Five From House Fire In Teluk Intan
Malay Mail

Superhero doggo to the rescue!

If you're still wondering why doggos are man's best friend, this story will answer your question.

Woke her hoomans up

Pasir Bedamar assemblyman Terence Naidu with Anandaveli.
A good girl saved the lives of its hoomans when it woke them up after their house caught fire.

According to Malay Mail, the incident happened on Wednesday (23 June) at around 5am in Eastern Garden, Teluk Intan.

When the house accidentally caught fire, the eight-month-old puppy named Anandaveli started pulling the hair of its owner, A. Vimala.

Anandaveli continued to nibble on her face and ear when she didn't wake up, and it started tugging on Vimala's pyjamas.

Anandaveli woke her hoomans up in time.
Vimala told the news portal that she initially thought Anandaveli was thirsty, and she told the doggo to go to the kitchen to get water herself.

"When she continued to pull on my clothes, I got up to see the middle section of my house, which housed the praying altar, was on fire," Vimala was quoted as saying.

Upon seeing the fire, Vimala immediately woke her family up and evacuated the house.

"My youngest son Vimalan, 18, had to assist my husband N. Marimuthu, 58, from the fire as he has difficulty walking due to stroke," she was quoted to saying, adding that she was thankful that Anandaveli saved their lives.

Repaying an old debt

According to Vimala, Anandaveli had nearly died when she was younger.

Thankfully, Vimala and her family did not give up on her as they continue to take good care of her until she's healthy.

"I nursed her back to health. I even bottle fed her," Vimala was quoted as saying.

Such a clever girl! Well done, Anandaveli!

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